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What They're Saying

image of Libby Pearce, Digital Education Manager, Xero

“Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts with our team. They all commented on how generous you were with your knowledge Your coaching style, tips and techniques gave them confidence and skills to use immediately. Xero produced a series of videos with other teams around the globe and I took great pride and delight in seeing our team shine. They came across as the warmest, happiest, most confident and “real” of all the presenters!  I can’t wait to send the next team to you. Thanks again.”

Libby Pearce, Digital Education Manager, Xero

image of Troy Dean - Tonto Digital

“When I first started making company videos, I used to come across as a bit serious and intense.  I was racing.  I wasn’t engaging with the camera.  Since I’ve been working with Abbe, I’ve learnt what to do to look more relaxed and feel more comfortable…and the feedback I’ve been getting on the videos has been great!”

Troy Dean - Tonto Digital

image of Shelley Panton - Shelley Panton Pottery

“I hadn’t really thought about video until Abbe talked about building my personal brand and my business.  Working with Abb has been absolutely fantastic. She’s helped me get over my fear of scriptwriting and taught me how to feel completely comfortable on camera talking about my work!”

Shelley Panton - Shelley Panton Pottery

image of Andrew Meade - Urban Workout

“Before working with Abbe we had no idea how to make company videos.   Abbe solved all our problems, helped  create a script that pin-pointed what we wanted to say and how to say it and taught me how to work confidently to camera, working with an autocue for the first time.

Andrew Meade - Urban Workout

image of Zak Shadbolt - Salon Shique

“From the first meeting with Abb, what I got was greater confidence.  Working with Abbe not only gave me great skills and processes for working on video, I became a more effective speaker…and an added benefit is that my mission and vision for my business has become clearer”!

Zak Shadbolt - Salon Shique

Corporate Video Production for Big Company Results on a Small Company Budget!

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Create great corporate video production that adds value to your clients and customers…or sales videos that make money online.   

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