March 16th, 2015

The Skills Of Voice Presenting For Business

Want to learn the skills of voice presenting for business?

When you look online for services or products, you’re either hearing or watching content that’s being delivered by the people behind, or in the business.

The digital world has driven the business world to make substantial changes in the way it provides information. Today, businesses must create and deliver communication that engages and connects with their audience.

Many of you may already be doing:

  • boardroom presentations,
  • podcasts,
  • webinars, or
  • even speaking from the stage.

But, here’s the thing…

When you work in this way, you’re often just speaking from your expertise with prompts from notes or Powerpoint.

It’s totally different when you’re reading copy (a script) for a screencast, a training or how-to video.

When you’re speaking about the benefits of working with yourself or your company (in voiceover or directly to camera) there’s a totally different set of rules to follow.

If you want to be an engaging, entertaining or charismatic presenter, it’s important that you understand the rules and learn new skills and techniques.

And with many employers now looking for staff with on-camera and voice presentation it makes sense to learn how to do it!

I work with a lot of people who want to be trained in voice presenting skills.

Here are the common problems I see with voice presenting, plus some tips on how to fix them.


 1 Too loud

When you’re speaking from the stage or in a boardroom, your words need to reach everyone’s ears.

But when you’re using the digital medium, the microphone picks up everything really clearly.

When you think about delivering your message to a captive audience looking at a computer screen, it’s best to imagine that you’re just talking to one person.


2 Talking too fast

When you’re delivering material from the stage or face-to-face, you probably allow for pauses between one thought or idea – so that your message lands with people.

The same needs to happen when you’re reading from a script or an auto-cue. Practice this one!

When you’re reading from a script, you’ll always feel that any pause is too long – but it’s probably not!

Imagine the person you’re directing the information to is right there in front of you, taking in what you just said.


3  Not understanding where to place the emphasis

Being a skilled sight-reader (being able to convert anything you’re reading into something that sounds like you’re just making it up) isn’t easy.

But you can make it sound as though you know what you’re doing, by identifying the words or phrases in what you’re reading that are key to the central message. 

This takes time to perfect. Firstly identify the central reason or concept in what you’re reading or saying, then find the words and phrases that are about that. 

Give emphasis to those words or phrases, by slowing down through them. All the other words, just say without any emphasis.

When you use this technique, your audience will be able to clearly hear the message and respond accordingly.

The new age of voice and video presentations is here to stay, so learning how to do it well is important.

Look for good coaches and training that works with your individual strengths and refines weaknesses.

If you’re in Melbourne, one of our courses may be right for you, or your staff – just send a message through this page. 

January 19th, 2015

Need to do a Video Presentation?

Getting your Staff ready for all things Digital

With more and more online businesses taking the plunge into audio and video production, it’s becoming crucial to have staff trained in the voice and presentation skills for audio and video.

It even shows up in some job descriptions.

Companies are:

  • creating Explainer Videos, to let people see what they do
  • shooting recruiting videos, which show their staff, and talk about their work culture, and
  • making training videos, e-learning material and videos that share information.

Yup, video is big news everywhere in business.

I’m lucky enough to be able to train staff in those skills and love working with individuals and groups to make this happen.

Down at the face2faceIdentity video studio in City Road South Melbourne, we work with the participants own material to create great on-camera persona’s and performances, that deliver the meaning in their script’s message.

I recently did two training sessions that allowed me to take a very individual approach to training.

I worked with Grace Theodoratos, staff member at Chemist Warehouse, and their regular on-camera presenter for the Chemist Warehouse Infomercials on ‘The Morning Show’.

Grace looks brilliant on camera and actually does a pretty fabulous job when she works. She wanted to feel more confident with the techniques for converting, a retail script (full of information) into a conversation style – to make it look like she’s ‘just making it all up as she goes along!’


I worked with Grace on separating the language in the script to a series of different thoughts and ideas.

When we’re delivering information, this technique is especially important. You need to pause after you’ve delivered information or instructions, just to let it compute with the listener – then you carry on with the next thought.

Here’s a tip – sometimes in a single sentence, you may have several thought and ideas.

I’ll give you an example and then show you what you need to do with it to make it sound more natural.

In fact, that sentence is my example – there are three different parts.

Can you spot them?

A good idea, is to separate the parts with a slash.  Read the line above first, without the pauses and then the next one, honouring the slash.

What you’re trying to do is let the information land with the listener or viewer, and at the same time, make it look natural and conversational.

I’ll give you an example / and then show you what you need to do with it / to make it sound more natural.

Did that work for you?  Try it, in your next presentation.

I also got to work with a fine bunch from Xero, the ‘Beautiful Online Accounting Software’ people along with three of their Industry Specialists.

They’ll all be appearing in their own online training videos –  I loved working with each individual to help make their on-camera work easier and more comfortable.


They’ll all be working with an auto-cue and constructing the content for their script from templates.

We worked on structuring scripts, so the language worked rhythmically and felt comfortable for them to say.  We looked at things like ‘contractions’, that is turning we will, into we’ll, etc, and as above, separating different thoughts and ideas.

We also worked on the skills for delivering information dynamically.  For that, we looked at the techniques for creating an on-camera persona. This is a very individual thing, as we’re all solo different, and what works for one won’t for another.

They all walked away with some skills, tricks and techniques under the belt, so they can feel more confident when next facing a camera.

If you need to spend time in the studio or feel now’s the time for your staff to get skilled up with voice and video just have a look at what happens in the sessions and drop me a line from that page.

We’d love to help you discover how easy voice presentation and working to camera can be!

September 29th, 2014

On Camera Performance Tips

Want to improve your on camera performance?

These 3 tips will lift your persona from average to professional and friendly!

All of a sudden there’s been a surge in the numbers of people who are calling me about on camera performance coaching. 

This reflects the fact that more and more businesses are using video in their content marketing to:

  • share information,
  • sell products, or
  • support and train staff and customers.

And some job descriptions even have “understand the skills of working to camera” in their selection criteria.

So, I thought you’d like a few tips and techniques to help you out next time you’re faced with a lens and a bunch of bright lights…and just don’t know where to look -literally!

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August 11th, 2014

Grow Your Business Using Video

Video is everywhere.

The statistics are in showing the power of video to build your brand, profile and profits – it’s exploding!

And those who are are beginning to reap the benefits:

  • are taking advantage of the many different kind of video styles,
  • while incorporating video into their content marketing strategy.

You’ve probably seen some amazing corporate videos out there and thought, “I bet that cost a lot!”

Yes, many companies with the budget do spend big dollars on video. 

Good quality corporate video production does cost and just like any form of advertising, the spend has to be based on ROI. 

Those companies will have done thorough research into what kind of video to produce and which style of video will give them a great return on investment.

Still thinking, “I really don’t have any budget for video”?

Well, here’s some good news!

There are some amazing ways to craft a video that has impact and won’t cost you anything more than:

  • your time,
  • your knowledge of your market,
  • your creative thinking, and
  • a little bit of technical know-how.

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July 24th, 2014

Corporate Video Production

Let’s talk about getting Corporate Video Production to work for you

Twelve months ago I was writing blogs about the growth of corporate video for small to medium business owners and marketers. 

I predicted, along with others, that video was set to explode. 

And explode it has – and it continues to grow!

I think we may have all underestimated just how big the explosion would be.

So, if you’ve suddenly seen businesses like yours embracing corporate video successfully, to make money online, and now want to jump on the train, then you need to begin to think strategically about video and what will work for you and your company.

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June 16th, 2014

Don’t Make These Video Mistakes

Welcome to the brave new world of modern Corporate Video.

Old style Corporate Video is almost a thing of the past.

Do you remember what they were like?

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May 12th, 2014

Video: Feel the Fear & Do It

Video usage is exploding!

Done well, it can have an incredible impact.

You can connect with your clients, turn browsers into customers and build your brand and profile.

If you’re already using video then more power to you!

But if you’re not, what’s stopping you?

Well there could be a few things:

  • Camera shy?
  • It’s too expensive?
  • Not sure what kind of video to make?
  • Don’t know what to say or how to say it?

I’m going to work through all these issues in the next few weeks – to help you understand what’s stopping you from creating video as a way to promote your brand, profile and business.

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April 18th, 2014

Videos and Content Marketing

Is it time to include videos in your online marketing plan?

If you’re not already using video, you may have noticed that others are using it successfully to accelerate their business growth and you may even be thinking that the time’s approaching when you will too.

You’ll probably already know this!

The use of videos to let your customers and clients get to know all about you and your business or product, is incredibly powerful! .

Done well, video has the power to change thinking, inspire new ideas, and build communities.

The statistics say that if you’re not using video in some form, your website might be looking a little outdated.

Video is big news and is set to grow!

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April 17th, 2014

The Power of Sound in Videos

Did you know that one of the most important elements in your videos is the sound track?

Adding sound is an element that many people completely overlook in their videos.

The right sound track – I emphasise ‘right’ for reasons I’ll talk about in a moment, can substantially increase the impact your video will have.

Never underestimate the power of a sound track to add mood, emotion and the right energy to your videos.

Great music is:

  • catchy
  • memorable, and
  • resonates with us long after we’ve first heard it.

But, if the sound is wrong on your video, it can pull the whole thing down, faster than a wrecking ball!

So how do you approach finding the right music track and sound effects that will work for your video?

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February 17th, 2014

Corporate Video Performance

3 Tips for Successful Corporate Video Performance

Is Video a Part of Your Content Marketing?

If it’s not, you need to be thinking seriously about how to add corporate video to your online marketing in 2014.

One of the things we all worry about with corporate video, is how we look.

Worry no more!

I’m going to give you 3 simple techniques to help overcome your fear and anxiety.

You already know that video:

  • is the fastest growing way to connect with your customers and build email lists,
  • lets you talk about what you do, and
  • show how you can solve your target market’s problems.

So why use corporate video in your content marketing?

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