Corporate Video Performance

February 17th, 2014

Corporate Video Performance

3 Tips for Successful Corporate Video Performance

Is Video a Part of Your Content Marketing?

If it’s not, you need to be thinking seriously about how to add corporate video to your online marketing in 2014.

One of the things we all worry about with corporate video, is how we look.

Worry no more!

I’m going to give you 3 simple techniques to help overcome your fear and anxiety.

You already know that video:

  • is the fastest growing way to connect with your customers and build email lists,
  • lets you talk about what you do, and
  • show how you can solve your target market’s problems.

So why use corporate video in your content marketing?

Already the statistics for how successfully video converts browsers to customers are growing astonishingly fast.

Let me ask you this…

  • How likely are you to click on a video on a website? 
  • How likely are you to keep watching if the content is valuable, the message is clear, short and the person is engaging?

Conversely, what causes you to tune out and turn off?

  • Amateurish performance, and
  • Long and rambling corporate video…boring!

The good news: it doesn’t take too much to improve your presentation or on camera performance skills to keep them watching.

And…you don’t have to be a trained performer to make successful corporate videos that’ll get your customers to want to connect with you. 

Before I give you 3 great techniques that’ll help you look connected and engaged on your corporate video, I want to explain something that you may not have considered.

The digital medium is what I call a ‘cool medium’.

It’s electronic – one dimensional.

When you watch yourself on video, you will always look different from the way you think you look.

You may not like the way you look either – here’s something that will help!

You need to warm it up by creating a feeling that what you’re saying is the best thing since sliced bread.

Try, what I call, contained excitement.

It’s a feeling equal to bursting to tell someone some good news, but not wanting anyone around you to hear it.

Connecting to that excitement in your body helps you to achieve just the right level of energy.

But…watch out for appearing over-excited though – that always looks phoney!

So here are 3 techniques to create successful on-camera performance

1. Pace

Don’t rush your presentation.


When we’re nervous, we all talk too fast! 

On your corporate video you need to look like you’re relaxed.

And talking at a natural, easy pace will help you look calm and self-assured.

Pause after each new thought or idea to let it land with the viewer.

In life, you don’t talk constantly without pausing – mimic this in your videos.

2. Volume

Keep it intimate – imagine you’re just talking to one person.

If you’re used to live presentations, you’ll be used to projecting your voice. 

For your corporate video you need to bring that volume right down!

Remember, they’re seeing you from the screen of their computer, phone or tablet, so in that sense, it is an intimate conversation.

3. Energy

This is where you’ll need to use the ‘contained excitement’ technique. 

You need to practice keeping the volume low and the energy high – this is the level of energy that works for video.

And don’t forget to smile!

It’s true that it’ll take some experimentation to discover the energy level that’s right for you in video.

You will feel a bit daunted to start with but practice these 3 techniques – they work!

If you’re ready to take some steps and would love some guidance, I offer a FREE 30 minute Skype session designed to give you ideas to spring from.

Click here to book in.

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