Corporate Video Production

July 24th, 2014

Corporate Video Production

Let’s talk about getting Corporate Video Production to work for you

Twelve months ago I was writing blogs about the growth of corporate video for small to medium business owners and marketers. 

I predicted, along with others, that video was set to explode. 

And explode it has – and it continues to grow!

I think we may have all underestimated just how big the explosion would be.

So, if you’ve suddenly seen businesses like yours embracing corporate video successfully, to make money online, and now want to jump on the train, then you need to begin to think strategically about video and what will work for you and your company.

You may have made some corporate video in the past.

Usually that style of corporate video production showcased:

  • the business,
  • the products, and
  • even the bricks and mortar.

This style of video just won’t cut it today!

You need to be completely informed about who you’re talking to – and what they want.

Today you can create video that’s not only informative (giving them just the information they’re looking for) but is also entertaining and enlightening,

Corporate videos can move people to think in different ways… and all around your message.

Ad agency creatives know that the single most important ingredient for successful marketing is brand and profile building. 

In my book, if you have a product, you can build a brand. And if you have a story, you can build a profile.

Now don’t freak out! 

I’m not saying you now need to spend 10’s or 100’s of thousands on a corporate video.

However, I do want you to start thinking about your corporate video production as an ad for you (just like an advertising agency would!)

Let’s look at an example of Building a Brand!

You have a product to sell right?

There’s a really common structure in advertising, called the problem/solution structure. 

When you listen for it, you hear it everywhere. 

It’s a simple, short-form way of attracting the right listener or viewer’s attention, by first posing a problem that they may have (often as a question).

Here’s an example – I just made the product and the script up, and it probably wouldn’t get a tick from any advertising regulator, but it demonstrates the structure, and talks directly to the market:


FEMALE VOICE  “Do you suffer from dry, flaky skin?  I do and have done for years.  I couldn’t find anything to get rid of it.”   

See how this is all about the problem?

Now if your viewer is a sufferer, do you think you would have engaged them enough to keep them watching?

Yup, I reckon you would have.

Next, you present the solution.


“Until I discovered ‘Dry Flaky Skin Off’.  I’ve been using it for two weeks and my dry flaky skin’s all gone”


There’s the problem and solution and a simple introduction to the product – and all in 15 seconds.

Presenting a corporate video (sometimes called an explainer video) for your site that is structured this way can give the viewer a compelling reason to:

  • make the choice to engage with you,
  • purchase,
  • register, or
  • whatever it is you choose to offer them in your corporate video.

And, as you’re doing this, you’re slowly but surely building your brand.

Your Corporate Videos would benefit from strategic thinking that’s more like Ad Agency thinking and less like old-style Business Video thinking.

These days Corporate Video must connect with the viewer in ways and forms that are familiar to them, but have an edge. 

Your edge is that your branding videos offer exactly what the viewer is looking for, delivered in a way that engages them

Now let’s look at profile building.

Over the years, in advertising, we’re seen lots of business owners fronting their ads, with varying degrees of success. 

We all know of ads we’ve loved to hate!

Sometimes all we got was a talking head, telling us all about them selves and how great it all was, but leaving us, the viewer completely out of the equation.

Traditionally, those ads never has as much impact as a clever campaign with the viewer in mind.

However, in the Web Video age, customers want to see who’s behind the business. 

They want to know who you are, what you sound like. 

They want to be able to make a decision about doing business with you that’s based on the fact that they trust you. 

Yup, wanting someone they can trust still comes up as number one in what’s important to you marketing survey’s.

But how can you successfully do both, and at the same time?

Well we think you can – with strategically written and created Corporate Video!

I’ll stop writing about it and demonstrate what I mean with this web video we recently shot for Sharon Latour, Queen Bee and CMO of Marketing Bee, an Australian based online marketing company.

Sharon’s business and reputation is getting a lot of attention. We put their brand and their CMO front-and-centre in this video, which uses key staff members to clearly tell the story of what they offer and why they need to be your first port of call when it comes to online marketing.

We love making corporate video that tells a visual story, entertains and uses a profile to get the branding and message out there – yup we can do both!

Have a look at the video and then come back to this page to see how we can help you shine on screen. 

If you’re ready to get us to help you think strategically about corporate video that will build your brand and your profile, we’d love to give you a FREE 30minute consultation to talk about your business and how video could work for you. Just leave a message and we’ll be in touch.

And if you want to get started with some FREE on-camera performance coaching, and tips and techniques for getting ready for video, sign up for the 5 FREE videos here.

Think corporate video – it’s here to stay and growing every day!








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