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Turn your website into a “customer magnet” by using video strategically

Is this you?

  • You know you want to use video!
  • But you’re not sure how
  • You’re not even sure what kind of video would work best
  • You’d like to present your own video, but aren’t sure what you’d say
  • Or you’ve made video but haven’t achieved the results you deserve

Let me help you put it all in perspective with a

FREE 30 Minute Skype Session

that will give you the confidence to create the right kind of video and raise your online profile.

This consultation is an easy way for you to work out how to successfully invest in your business with video.

You’ll also learn how to achieve the results you want, as you continue to build your brand and profile and connect with the right customers.

I’ll let you in on the 4 biggest mistakes people make when using video…and why most videos, even the one’s that look pretty, just don’t convert.

Before we speak, I’ll look at your website and give you

  • A report on what kind of video strategy could work for you
  • Tips on how to build your personal brand through video

After this 30-Minute Introductory Session you’ll be closer to your goals and able to focus your thinking on videos that will get results.

We’ll also get a chance to work out if we’re a good fit for each other.

My availability for these introductory sessions is very limited so fill in the form below and I’ll get in touch.

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