Grow Your Business Using Video

August 11th, 2014

Grow Your Business Using Video

Video is everywhere.

The statistics are in showing the power of video to build your brand, profile and profits – it’s exploding!

And those who are are beginning to reap the benefits:

  • are taking advantage of the many different kind of video styles,
  • while incorporating video into their content marketing strategy.

You’ve probably seen some amazing corporate videos out there and thought, “I bet that cost a lot!”

Yes, many companies with the budget do spend big dollars on video. 

Good quality corporate video production does cost and just like any form of advertising, the spend has to be based on ROI. 

Those companies will have done thorough research into what kind of video to produce and which style of video will give them a great return on investment.

Still thinking, “I really don’t have any budget for video”?

Well, here’s some good news!

There are some amazing ways to craft a video that has impact and won’t cost you anything more than:

  • your time,
  • your knowledge of your market,
  • your creative thinking, and
  • a little bit of technical know-how.

You already know that using video is all about sharing brilliant content. 

But video can also help you:

  • connect to the right customer,
  • demonstrate your product or service,
  • build a relationship, or
  • convert someone to your way of thinking.

You’re probably already sharing content via blogs, ebooks and tips and techniques via social media, guest blogging and your website – all in written form.

Well I want to share with you, how to create memorable video content and deliver value to you clients by creating video without a budget.

This is all you’ll need:

  • 1 x smart phone (and stand)
  • 1 x tech savvy person (preferably you)
  • 1 x idea of who you’re talking to
  • 1 x idea of what they want
  • 1 x idea of how you’re going to give it to them

Here are three ways to create web video content just using your smart phone as camera and sound capture device.


The 60-second lesson

This is a great choice if you’re a coach or consultant – I love the structure of the 60-second lesson.

Of course it doesn’t have to be 60 seconds; it can be 20 or 30, just as long as the content is valuable and is something that your clients and customers need to know.

Stating the time in the title works with the modern dilemma of, ‘no time’, so watching something short is very appealing. 

Keep it simple and focussed on the one thing:

  • a skill,
  • tip,
  • technique,
  • exercise,
  • concept, or
  • process that will build your reputation as an expert.

You’ll just need to position your smart phone, so that the background works for your concept and branding and then go for it!


2 Video Blogging

Blogging has become an essential part of content marketing. 

It’s a brilliant way to reach only those interested in your subject – and it allows you to connect with a vast global audience.

If you are blogging, I imagine you’ve developed a style or a ‘voice’ in your writing. It’s one that sounds like you and reads like you would speak.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to harness that power to build your business even more by presenting yourself on camera talking through your blog?

To pull this off successfully, you need to be absolutely across your content. 

It needs to be completely familiar to you, because you’ll be talking direct to camera, as though you were talking one-on-one with a client.

To help those who feel they need some face-to-face camera skills I’ve created a series of 5 short ‘how to’ videos that’ll give you some great on-camera performance techniques, as well as some tips for creating content.   

Here’s the link to register for them


3 Instructional or ‘how to’ videos

If the foundation of your business revolves around:

  • a skill,
  • personal expertise, or
  • a method

…then you’ll have a wealth of material for ‘how to’ videos!

Think about what it is that your customer needs to know or what they could be having a problem understanding. 

Then structure a script detailing ‘how-to’ that will either show someone actually doing it or have a series of graphics or a power-point presentation.

This option takes a bit of tech or computer savvy because you’ll need to edit and apply a voiceover.

Now, to how you deliver them:

  • Create a form where the visitor can leave their details
  • Automate the delivery (Note: if your site is built on WordPress, this is simple – your web person will show you how)
  • Go to your social media platforms with a snazzy headline and announce your valuable content and how to get it.



You’ve just done a whole lot of great content marketing using video that’ll bring the right kind of customers and clients on to your site and, hopefully, into your gang!

The truth is, you can’t afford not to add corporate video to your content marketing.  

And the good news?

Once you start and see how much impact it has and your profits begin to grow, you can put some money into video production, the next time you create a marketing budget.

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