January 19th, 2015

Need to do a Video Presentation?

Getting your Staff ready for all things Digital

With more and more online businesses taking the plunge into audio and video production, it’s becoming crucial to have staff trained in the voice and presentation skills for audio and video.

It even shows up in some job descriptions.

Companies are:

  • creating Explainer Videos, to let people see what they do
  • shooting recruiting videos, which show their staff, and talk about their work culture, and
  • making training videos, e-learning material and videos that share information.

Yup, video is big news everywhere in business.

I’m lucky enough to be able to train staff in those skills and love working with individuals and groups to make this happen.

Down at the face2faceIdentity video studio in City Road South Melbourne, we work with the participants own material to create great on-camera persona’s and performances, that deliver the meaning in their script’s message.

I recently did two training sessions that allowed me to take a very individual approach to training.

I worked with Grace Theodoratos, staff member at Chemist Warehouse, and their regular on-camera presenter for the Chemist Warehouse Infomercials on ‘The Morning Show’.

Grace looks brilliant on camera and actually does a pretty fabulous job when she works. She wanted to feel more confident with the techniques for converting, a retail script (full of information) into a conversation style – to make it look like she’s ‘just making it all up as she goes along!’


I worked with Grace on separating the language in the script to a series of different thoughts and ideas.

When we’re delivering information, this technique is especially important. You need to pause after you’ve delivered information or instructions, just to let it compute with the listener – then you carry on with the next thought.

Here’s a tip – sometimes in a single sentence, you may have several thought and ideas.

I’ll give you an example and then show you what you need to do with it to make it sound more natural.

In fact, that sentence is my example – there are three different parts.

Can you spot them?

A good idea, is to separate the parts with a slash.  Read the line above first, without the pauses and then the next one, honouring the slash.

What you’re trying to do is let the information land with the listener or viewer, and at the same time, make it look natural and conversational.

I’ll give you an example / and then show you what you need to do with it / to make it sound more natural.

Did that work for you?  Try it, in your next presentation.

I also got to work with a fine bunch from Xero, the ‘Beautiful Online Accounting Software’ people along with three of their Industry Specialists.

They’ll all be appearing in their own online training videos –  I loved working with each individual to help make their on-camera work easier and more comfortable.


They’ll all be working with an auto-cue and constructing the content for their script from templates.

We worked on structuring scripts, so the language worked rhythmically and felt comfortable for them to say.  We looked at things like ‘contractions’, that is turning we will, into we’ll, etc, and as above, separating different thoughts and ideas.

We also worked on the skills for delivering information dynamically.  For that, we looked at the techniques for creating an on-camera persona. This is a very individual thing, as we’re all solo different, and what works for one won’t for another.

They all walked away with some skills, tricks and techniques under the belt, so they can feel more confident when next facing a camera.

If you need to spend time in the studio or feel now’s the time for your staff to get skilled up with voice and video just have a look at what happens in the sessions and drop me a line from that page.

We’d love to help you discover how easy voice presentation and working to camera can be!

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