The Power of Sound in Videos

April 17th, 2014

The Power of Sound in Videos

Did you know that one of the most important elements in your videos is the sound track?

Adding sound is an element that many people completely overlook in their videos.

The right sound track – I emphasise ‘right’ for reasons I’ll talk about in a moment, can substantially increase the impact your video will have.

Never underestimate the power of a sound track to add mood, emotion and the right energy to your videos.

Great music is:

  • catchy
  • memorable, and
  • resonates with us long after we’ve first heard it.

But, if the sound is wrong on your video, it can pull the whole thing down, faster than a wrecking ball!

So how do you approach finding the right music track and sound effects that will work for your video?

1 Decide what you need

The time to do this is at the point when your video edit is ready – there’s no point doing the sound mix until the edit’s complete.

If your video is going to have:

  • a series of shots,
  • contain montage sequences,
  • cut-aways or
  • changes of pace or energy

…you may want to work with a beat.  When you’ve chosen your music, lay it up and edit to the track.

***The final sound mix won’t be done at this stage – just the editing to beats.

If the pace is right, it’s easy to find those edit points and synchronise (match) them to the music beats when you do the final mix.

2 Go hunting 

Now, I know there are ‘royalty free’ music sites out there – okay, take a look there if you must!

I prefer to source my music from a professional music sourcing site.

My favourite is called Audio Network.

They’re global and local (I’m not affiliated with them!) and I choose them because in my world, time is money, and they have:

  •  a user-friendly search criteria
  • a well designed menu and style library
  • brilliant choice within that library
  • quality, professional production
  • simple download methods, and
  • fair pricing

I’ve worked in the arts industry for ages and know a lot of musicians!

It’s hard enough to make a living on the ground, without getting nothing for your music.

We live in a user-pays society and ‘royalty free’ (just like illegally copied films or material of any kind) always feels like stealing to me – the track I bought cost only $138AUD

So, when you do go hunting (for the paid stuff) you need to have ticked these things off:

  1. What’s the right feel and mood for your videos?
  2. Does the track offer enough variety to be able to be used creatively in your video?

To demonstrate what I mean, have a listen (and a look) at this branding video we made for Sharon Latour at Marketing Bee, a high-profile Melbourne-based online marketing company.

Sharon’s branding is buzzing – she’s young and has a lot of personal energy! Her staff who are also in the video are young and vibrant.

Sharon is French Mauritian, so when I went searching and found a section called “Gypsy Jazz”, I listened to a few tracks.

The French sound was implicit, and the energy was perfect.

I listened to several, until I had one that resonated.

In the edit, we didn’t throw the whole track down. Instead we broke it up and found bars and sections that worked with our edits.

We then found the sound effects (SFX) which worked with the visual effects we’d created.

I love using sound effects in videos – they can add a little to the sound budget but they add a lot to the personality and over-all impact of the video

Here’s the result!

We also made a mid-range budget video for a Personal Training and Workout Studio called Urban Workout. 

A composer friend of ours had some simple tracks that reflected the energy and vibrancy of the place and had a bright, friendly feel.

The video was edited first.

Then the tracks were laid down at the beginning of the first montage, after the logo and effects at the head of the video.

Take a peek at that one here.

Music and sound needs to enhance, not swamp the video, so be careful with sound levels. 

At all times, it must be at a volume level below that of the on-camera person.

The feel, emotion, pace and energy must suit the nature of the video. 

When you get these elements right, your videos will be more more engaging, more watchable and easy to listen to!

If you’re in Australia and want to talk about Solutions and Strategies for Corporate Videos, just get in touch.

Happy videoing!

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