Urban Workout

‘The Gym for People Who Don’t Like Gyms’, sums up perfectly this small fitness centre in Albert Park

More like a private club than a gym, small groups of members are guided through each workout, in the next best thing to personal training.

The atmosphere is friendly and informal, and caters for every fitness level with expert training.  So with a smallish budget we wanted to make a video that had the right kind of energy, took a peek at what happens and made the watcher want to be part of it.

So here it is!

Here’s how it happened.

With a small budget, we worked together on a script that would talk directly to those who were looking for a place they could be themselves in and work at their own pace, no matter what their fitness level.

Photographer and Video Maker, James Braund shot Andrew in the Face2FaceIdentity Studio in South Melbourne, using 3 cameras to give us choice in the editing process.  Sound was recorded by Juan Martinez.

Matt Gerber-Corn from Sonic Playground shot some footage down at Urban Workout and Stig Wemyss, Mezzanine Productions,  did the visual edit and sound mix.

And of course I made sure it all happened.

If you want to talk about your best options for making a video that’s unique to you and your business just give me a call.  0419 200 969.

Abbe Holmes

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