Videos and Content Marketing

April 18th, 2014

Videos and Content Marketing

Is it time to include videos in your online marketing plan?

If you’re not already using video, you may have noticed that others are using it successfully to accelerate their business growth and you may even be thinking that the time’s approaching when you will too.

You’ll probably already know this!

The use of videos to let your customers and clients get to know all about you and your business or product, is incredibly powerful! .

Done well, video has the power to change thinking, inspire new ideas, and build communities.

The statistics say that if you’re not using video in some form, your website might be looking a little outdated.

Video is big news and is set to grow!

Videos running at between 1 and 3 minutes can explain what you do, attract new customers and solve their problems, educate existing clients, and convince new one’s that it’s you they want to be working with.

But what stops you?

  • Cost?
  • Not knowing what kind of videos to make?
  • Not knowing what to say or how to say it?…or
  • ‘Quelle horror’ appearing in your own videos?

This is where I come in!

I’ll solve all those problems, co-ordinate the lot and take the fear out of doing it.

For under $3,000, I’ll hand pick from my team of professional video makers and organise them to shoot and edit a quality home page video.

You and I will make a time, and together I’ll help you work out what kind of videos will work best for what you’re trying to achieve. 

We’ll work on a script, my favourite bit.

We’ll create language in the script that sounds like you and I’ll coach you in on-camera techniques, so you look great in your video.

However, you don’t have to appear in your own video.

There are ways and means of getting your message out without you actually being in it.  We’re good at that too.

What do you say?

To get you started I’m offering a FREE 30 minute session, so we can talk about what might work and find out if we’re a good fit.

Just one last thing! 

If you are going to make videos, they have to be good!  There’s absolutely no point throwing a few hundred dollars at a ‘budget’ corporate video company, when you can work with us and get a professional video that:

  • lifts your profile, and
  • fits with the look and feel of your website.

If you haven’t already, just have a look at this great little branding video we made for Sharon Latour at Marketing Bee, and you’ll see what I mean.

Not only that, I can teach you ways to keep your videos working for you, long after you’ve embedded it into your website – the content marketing options are endless!

If you are ready to take some steps and want some personal guidance, I offer a FREE 30 minute Skype session designed to give you ideas to spring from.

Just click here to book in.

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