Web Video Presentation Training

Learn how to make great web video in 6 hours…and walk away with a web video script

You know web video is essential for connecting with your customers and building your profile.  

These days, if you aren’t using video, then your website is already out-dated.

But if you’ve never done it before, you might be feeling some anxiety about what kind of video to make, how to perform, how it’ll look…or even what to say.

Let me help!

Turn, ‘this is scary’ into ‘actually I’m quite good at this’, in one of my great courses.
Watch the video to find out how!

Make great videos no matter what Business or Industry you’re in!

Master Video Performance in 6 hours

This is you, right!

You have an online business and you know how important web video is to reach your clients and customers…or your staff

You may be looking at others who’ve made web video and have said two things:

Oh my god, what were they thinking??? (response to dodgy video)


Wow!  That video looks great!!!  (As in, that person looks so comfortable and confident)

And you’ve probably thought.  “I want to make video, but where do I start?”

It’s the perfect question.  And I have the perfect answer!

Web Video Training

At our video studio in City Road, in just 6 hours, we’ll help you take the anxiety out of video presenting and teach you valuable skills and techniques for using video that you can use immediately.

Performing to camera is so different from a person-to-person conversation, making a presentation or speaking from the stage.

In my training you learn how to:

  • Overcome nerves and feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • Create an on-camera persona that not only looks good, but reflects your unique personality
  • Understand what kind of video will work for your business
  • Craft a web video script that will deliver your message
  • Work with an auto-cue easily and confidently
  • Work confidently without a script
  • Use my proven techniques to deliver a convincing performance

So if  you want to Master Your On-Camera Performance and join the list of those building their business and profile with web video just put your details into the form below and I’ll be in touch

 6 hour Web Video Presentation Training


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